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“Boys and Their Schooling” and “Homework and the Homework Grid” by Ian Lillico.

Boys and their Schooling.

In this booklet Ian discusses such topics as:

  • Boys’ attitudes and learning
  • Feelings and Movement
  • The Boy Code
  • Peer Pressure
  • Ways of helping boys reconnect
  • Rites of Passage
  • Discipline and Punishment
  • Single Parents

Homework and the Homework Grid

The issue of homework is finally being reassessed in our modern society. Too much repetitive needless homework is given and the wrong type. This has mainly been the result of parents wanting to prepare their children for future study. The reality is, however, that homework has now been a major contributor to childhood obesity and is an impediment to quality family life. At all levels of the education system, homework is being reconsidered.

In this new booklet Ian outlines the need for some practice of concepts learnt at school, but the need to broaden the definition of Homework. Any work that children do at home needs to be counted and he gives a rationale for teachers and parents to work together to ensure that children do some work at home, but not a lot of sedentary work. This booklet is a solution to the problem of getting kids to do something at home and not opt out of family life. It will enable parents to get children to do their share of work in the home including housework, shopping, physical activity such as sport training and engaging in family outings such as walking, fishing and exploring their world – activities which enhance family life. It also covers areas such as reading, being read to, playing a game with parents, research on the computer, music practice and many others.

The second half of the booklet contains Ian’s 52 Churchill Fellowship recommendations – now updated and modernized to include the needs of boys and girls.

This booklet is essential for teachers and parents.

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