About Boys Forward Institute

Employment Patterns

Boys’ employment patterns and lifestyles are changing worldwide. The jobs that males have traditionally done are disappearing with the advent of technology and labour saving devices. Girls occupy the vast majority of front line positions in fast food outlets as boys don’t seem able to adapt to the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence required to deal with customers in an effective manner.

Research & Evidence

Worldwide research and evidence indicates that managers need an understanding of workforce politics and need professional development in understanding the issues that young males are facing in order to make businesses better placed to engage boys in the front line. Managers, human resource personnel and others involved with training and dealing with young males would reap great benefit from this highly engaging, informative and entertaining seminar.

Founder of Boys Forward

Ian Lillico is an educational consultant, former school Principal in Western Australia and father of three sons. He has researched gender employment patterns, boys’ education and sociological rearing and working patterns for young males around the world over the last 13 years. He is a Churchill Fellow 2000 and is a member of the Australian and Commonwealth Council of Educational Administration.

Seminars & Workshops

Boys Forward seminars on educating boys are very popular throughout Australia and overseas. Ian Lillico is in Queensland for a limited time this year and has developed an informative and critical seminar for those people involved in employing, managing and working with young males.
Ian’s seminar covers the vital areas of employment changes amongst Australian males and explores universal trends in male employment – particularly in the fast food and related industries. The messages he conveys are both interesting and useful in assisting businesses to better meet the needs of male employees and consequently improve customer focus and working relationships.
This is an outstanding opportunity to make your business more boy-friendly, competitive and dynamic. If boys can be trained to have a more focussed approach to the workplace and a better customer rapport we will all benefit.