Special ADD/ADHD Seminars

ADHD is causing many parents and teachers much stress and frustration.

Ian Lillico has done research into this condition both within Australia and in the UK and USA while on his Churchill Fellowship in Boys’ Education in 2000.

Recent media coverage of ADHD drug therapies is confusing parents who are bombarded by a lot of well-intended “good advice”. Ian will outline the various approaches to ADHD management and diagnosis for parents, teachers and other interested members of the public with particular relevance to parents of ADHD boys and girls.

This seminar will explore the issues and myths surrounding ADHD in Australia and New Zealand. It will give assistance to parents who are struggling with the behaviour of their children with ADHD. It will give parents the opportunity to share concerns with other like parents and analyse the latest Australian and New Zealand findings into ADHD among Australian and New Zealand children including co-existing conditions, medications and other non drug therapies.

Parents will find this seminar invaluable as it will give them assistance in dealing with their ADHD sons and daughters.

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