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Listen to excerpts from Boys Forward Seminars

As material becomes available you will be able to preview the audio content of CDs and seminars by using these excerpts.

Dr Ian Lillico covers many topics on the Parent Session 1 CD – here is an example that highlights the need to increase our awareness of our boys’ needs.

More details on these CDs:

Seminar 1

This session covers boys and their schooling. It gives parents strategies to help boys in their growth into adults and compares childhood and adolescence. The role of the teacher, nature and factors impacting on boys’ success are explained.

Seminar 2

This session concentrates on ways to get boys to talk about their feelings and explores ways that parents can keep communication channels open with their sons. It looks at the rites of passage for boys, bullying and relationships with girls. Ian outlines the change in society over the last few decades and the impact this has had on our sons.

Available as a 2 double CD set: Parent Seminars 1 & 2