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NEW Specially selected photos & instructions on CD-ROM.

Photo Pack has now been revamped to to Photo Pack Plus. It now contains the black and white and coloured photos as before but includes a series of photos that enhance student risk-taking by guessing what the photo is by gradually unveiling parts of it. There are two categories – Famous Australians and Famous Landmarks. The national research report into addressing the educational needs for boys states that boys need to be in “supportive classroom environments where they feel valued and are encouraged to take risks in their learning”. We certainly have supportive classrooms in Australia but though boys take risks in life and on the sporting field, they need more practice in taking educational risks. Hence this new photo pack has addressed this by having them score more points the earlier they guess what the picture is as each layer is gradually revealed by the parent or teacher. Photo Pack Plus comes as a CD-ROM with full instructions and examples of how to use it.

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